Facing issues in *ling taxes? Setting up a new business but not sure how you can streamline your *nances? We are here to help. At Naioti Financial Service, we provide on-site tax and *nancial services across New York City and support our clients take their ventures to new heights.

Our tax prep and planning service can help you with all the paperwork and ensure the taxes are *led right before the deadline. We focus on *nding quali*ed credits and deductions to help you save money and gain the most bene*t.

Our *rm has been providing competent accounting services for a long time to various clients across the New York area. Whether you are just initating a business or you are already running a fruitful venture in the industry, we can help. Besides tax preparation, our team can also help you with:

• Financial analysis and budgeting

• Bookkeeping

• Tax consulting

• Tax audit representation

• Forecasting cash +ow

• Internal control management

• Payroll management

• Financial statement compilation and auditing

Why choose us?

1. Timely service

Don’t have enough time to keep a check on every penny in your account? We can cover your *nances for you while you focus on other aspects of your business.

1. Professional advice

Taxations can be hard to manage, we understand. You might not have enough *nancial knowledge to prepare taxes. But our lawyers and advisors can help you out.

1. Mind of peace

It can be hard to trust an unknown accountant in case you are just starting your business. Instead, you can place your trust in our professionals and be sure to get a competent service.
Regardless of what you need, our *rm can help you grip over your *nancial situation. Schedule an appointment today and speak with our expert professionals.